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About Ablaze

Parish Family ABLAZE is an exciting opportunity for faith formation for the whole family.  Launched in 2014, Parish Family ABLAZE is in our 7th year.  This year’s theme is “Devotion.” Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ablaze 2020-2021 series is recorded during the week, streamed on YouTube, and available on demand beginning at 9:30AM each Sunday morning at

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0wOau3TZSw77-mkjcxIlKw Consider watching Parish Family ABLAZE with your family or friends.

ABLAZE curriculum is designed by our Pastor, Father Jack Durkin, who is the keynote speaker for the multi-media presentation during the first two weeks of the series.  On the third week, a parishioner or special guest is invited to present their testimony on the theme sharing their personal story and practical ways of living out God’s plan. “Table-talk questions” are offered for you to share with family, fellow parishioners, and friends. No matter where we are in our friendship with Jesus and His Church, we are benefitting greatly from Parish Family ABLAZE as we discuss our Catholic faith and what it means to live our faith in the world today.

We hope to be back on Sunday mornings between the 8AM and 10:30AM Masses in St. Augustine Hall as soon as the COVID-19 challenges allow us to gather at tables again with a hot breakfast prepared and served by one of the parish ministries. All are welcome!



Ablaze 2020-2021 Schedule:

8-9-20 Keynote:  Devotion for God the Father

8-16-20 Praxis:  Devotion for God the Father

8-23-20 Witness:  Tom Houlihan

8-30-20 Keynote:  Devotion to God the Son

9-13-20 Praxis:  Devotion to God the Son

9-20-20 Witness:  Janet Omido

9-27-20 Keynote:  Devotion to the Holy Spirit

10-4-20 Praxis:  Devotion to the Holy Spirit

10-18-20 Witness:  Ellie Torstrick

10-25-20 Keynote:  Devotion to Mary

11-1-20 Praxis:

11-15-20 Witness:

12-6-20 Keynote:  Devotion to Joseph

12-13-20 Praxis:

1-10-21 Witness:

1-24-21 Keynote:  Devotion to the Saints

2-7-21 Praxis:

2-21-21 Witness:

2-28-21 Keynote:  Devotion to the Angels

3-7-21 Praxis:

3-21-21 Wrap-Up

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