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Ordinary Form Latin Mass Booklet

Use the booklet  "Ordinary Form Latin Mass  to follow the Latin Mass beginning this Saturday 7/11/20 at the 9:00 AM Mass and each second and fourth Saturday for 9:00 AM Mass.

Ablaze 2020-2021:  "Devotion"


Ablaze 2020-2021 Schedule:

8-9-20                  Keynote:  Devotion for God the Father

8-16-20                Praxis:  Devotion for God the Father

8-23-20                Witness:  Tom Houlihan

8-30-20               Keynote:  Devotion to God the Son

9-13-20                Praxis:  Devotion to God the Son

9-20-20                Witness:  Janet Omido

9-27-20                Keynote:  Devotion to the Holy Spirit

10-4-20                Praxis:  Devotion to the Holy Spirit

10-18-20              Witness:  Ellie Torstrick

10-25-20              Keynote:  Devotion to Mary

11-1-20               Praxis:

11-15-20             Witness:

12-6-20               Keynote:  Devotion to Joseph

12-13-20             Praxis:

1-10-21               Witness:

1-24-21               Keynote:  Devotion to the Saints

2-7-21                 Praxis:

2-21-21               Witness:

2-28-21               Keynote:  Devotion to the Angels

3-7-21                 Praxis:

3-21-21                Wrap-Up


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