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Prayer Chain Request


Welcome to the Saint Monica Prayer Chain

The purpose of our prayer chain is to provide spiritual support and healing for parishioners and their families and friends. When placing someone on the prayer chain, please obtain their permission when giving full names and circumstances. All prayers are kept confidential to our prayer warriors.

Your prayer request will be included in the daily prayers of our members for one month (No stipend necessary). You may continue to request prayers for prolonged illness. Feel free to send us back a "Prayers Answered" or "Thanksgiving" request upon resolution of the request, if appropriate. Parishioners and immediate family member names will be included in the bulletin for 3 weeks following your request.

Form Instructions:

Name:  This is you, the person requesting the prayer.

Phone:  Your phone.

Email:   Your Email

REQUEST:  In the 'request section' please include this information:
(of person to pray for)
RELATIONSHIP: (your relationship to them)

ILLNESS/DEATH/SPECIAL INTENTION: (Which of these are we praying for?)

PRAYERS OF THE FAITHFUL: (Would you like them to be included in the prayers of the faithful?)

All Requests Will Remain Confidential

Any questions feel free to contact the parish office at 678-584-9947


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